An analogy: stacking hay

In this mini-lesson

We compare groups of people to how you stack your hay


If each person represents a bale in the stack of hay, then how you interact is how your group is stacked.

A well-stacked pile of hay is strong, supportive and can reach the ceiling! However, if hay is not stacked well then it can be pretty imbalanced and even dangerous to climb.

Groups of people are exactly the same.

If you have a well balanced group of people supporting each other, you can easily reach your highest goals. That type of group can withstand a lot of pressure without a problem. It takes time and effort to build and maintain a strong team, but it is very satisfying work! (just like stacking hay)

Alternatively, an imbalanced group of people cannot handle much pressure without toppling over! The smallest argument or issue will derail everyone's progress. It's risky to reach for high goals with a wobbly foundation below you. Everything could come crashing down at any time.

Which hay stack best describes your group?

In this mini-lesson, I offer 5 simple ways to find success in how you stack your team!

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